Calf implants can help enhance your legs’ appearance, or correct abnormalities resulting from injury or nerve diseases that cause muscle deterioration. Mr Kode performs Calf Implants on male and female patients who feel they are lacking volume in their calves.

During your consultation, Mr Kode will thoroughly assess your existing and desired calf size and shape in relation to your overall body shape, in order to achieve natural-looking results. Making an incision in the crease at the back of the knee, Dr Kode creates a pocket in the surrounding tissue to insert the firm but malleable silicone implants.

It is recommended that you remain in hospital overnight but you should be able to mobilise or get around within the first 24 hours. You will need to rest with your legs elevated for up to a week, to minimise swelling while the implants settle into their position. Wearing compression stockings for a few weeks will also reduce swelling and provide support as you heal. Full weight bearing on your legs and running is possible after four to six weeks.

Calf Implant surgery may be conducted in conjunction with other Aesthetic Surgery procedures.

If you are looking for Calf Implant surgery please contact Launceston Plastic Surgery Unit  today for a consult with our Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Mr Gary Kode.