Thigh lift surgery is helpful for people who have achieved massive weight loss and are left with excess loose skin in the thigh area. Similarly, it is suitable for people with whose thighs are disproportionately thicker than the rest of their legs or where excess fat and skin causes chafing at the inner thigh. It is sometimes performed in conjunction with Liposuction, a Body Lift or Abdominoplasty.

There are two main types of Thigh Lifts: a Medial Thigh Lift removes excess skin and fat from the inner thigh via an incision from the groin to partway down the inside leg.

An Outer Thigh Lift requires an incision extending from the groin around the hip. In both procedures, the underlying tissue is reshaped and tightened, and the skin redraped for more proportionate and firmer contours.

While visible scarring is inevitable, Dr Kode is able to make incisions in such a way that they can be hidden by most clothing and swimsuits.

Following surgery, you will most likely wear a compression garment for three months for support and to reduce swelling.

Skin smoothness is often dramatically improved once swelling and bruising has subsided and your firmer contoured thighs should be fully noticeable after several months.

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