Losing a breast to cancer is physically and emotionally devastating for a woman, however, Breast Reconstruction Surgery can offer renewed self-esteem and quality of life post- Mastectomy. While a reconstructed breast does not look the same as your original breast, or have the same feeling, it allows you to feel more confident in clothes, and with your appearance in general. Mr Kode has years of experience operating on Breast Cancer patients and combines his medical expertise with great care and kindness, helping his patients through this difficult time.

There are two main types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Implant Reconstruction and Flap Reconstruction. Implant Reconstruction is suitable for women with smaller breasts, where an implant is placed under the skin and muscle to recreate the shape of the breast. This may involve two surgeries; in the first, Mr Kode inserts a tissue expander bag under your skin, and in subsequent visits over a few months, he will inject a saline solution to gradually create a pocket for insertion of the breast implant, which is placed during a second surgery.

If you have larger breasts, or you don’t have enough skin to cover an implant, you may opt for flap reconstruction, where skin, fat and muscle are taken from elsewhere on the body – usually the abdomen, buttocks and back – to make the new breast. In some cases, an implant can also be used in a flap breast reconstruction. This procedure obviously results in scars on a few parts of your body, so you do need to take this into consideration. In subsequent surgeries, a new nipple and areola can be reconstructed.

Recovery time from Breast Reconstruction Surgery depends on the procedure and Dr Kode will advise you on estimated down time.

For a confidential consultation with Mr Kode regarding Breast Reconstruction Surgery, please contact our practice.