A Ganglion forms on or around joints and tendons most commonly on the fingers, wrists or ankles. It contains tissue that normally lubricates the joints and tendons. Some cysts cause pain and numbness, which is made worse by joint motion and can limit function. In these cases, surgical removal is necessary. Mr Kode is a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon with years of experience in Hand Surgery. He is able to make an excision if treatment is required.

These cysts may recur after surgery and are sometimes early signs of Arthritis, such as Oosteoarthritis, in which case, Mr Kode may suggest you be evaluated for the condition. He may recommend you commence a course of natural anti-inflammatories.

Recovery varies according to the procedure you are required to have. This will be discussed in your consultation with Mr Kode.

If you are concerned about your hands and would like to speak with Mr Gary Kode, please contact Mr Kode at Launceston Plastic Surgery Unit. For additional information about our General Surgery, please review our website information.