Carpal Tunnel syndrome is a painful condition caused by compression of the main (median) nerve that runs through the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway in the wrist.

A number of tendons and other nerves also run through the carpal tunnel and any type of swelling, such as from repetitive hand motion or overuse, fluid retention during pregnancy, injury or Arthritis, can lead to reduced space in the tunnel, creating pressure on the nerve. You might feel pain, pins and needles, numbness of the fingers and aching, which can be worse at night.

While the symptoms are sometimes relieved with splinting and medications, if these fail to improve the condition, surgery may be required. The procedure is sometimes done on both hands, but mostly on one at a time.

For the vast majority, Mr Kode performs the operation under local anesthetic, as it takes around half an hour. Mr Kode makes an incision in the wrist to access the carpal ligament and cuts it to relieve pressure on the median nerve.

Pain relief is usually immediate and generally improves over time. You should rest your hand for a few weeks after the operation.

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