Hair Removal with Elipse IPL

Laser Hair Removal is an effective long-term hair removal solution. Using the Elipse IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology, the team at Launceston Plastic Surgery Unit can treat large areas comfortably such as legs and backs, in addition to smaller areas such as face, underarms and brazilians.

Intense Pulsed Light is attracted to melanin, a pigment found in hair and skin. For hair removal, the IPL targets the pigment in hair, destroying the hair and its follicle so that new hair cannot be produced. While in theory, the darker the hair, the better the results, the Elipse IPL system has pre-programmed settings for different skin and hair colour combinations for a consistent result.

During treatment, a gel is applied to the skin to optimise light transmission. An applicator is then pressed onto the skin, emitting light energy that is absorbed by the hair, which destroys the follicle. IPL is only effective on hairs in the growing phase, still attached to the follicle. Because hair grows in cycles, some hair is dormant and not treatable, so a series of 4-6 treatments at 1-3 month intervals is recommended for best results. Treatment time depends on the area being treated, however both legs take between 60-120 minutes, while a full-face treatment takes around 30 minutes.

IPL hair removal is suitable for all skin types. As IPL is attracted to melanin, you should avoid tanning one month before a treatment, and for the entire treatment course, to avoid any increased pain or risk of burns from excess light absorption into the skin. After the treatment, your skin will be especially sensitive to sunlight, so it’s advisable to limit sun exposure and wear a 30+ sunscreen for 30 days after a treatment.

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