Tattooing various parts of the body has become more and more fashionable in the past few years. From small tattoos to full body tattoos. However, sometimes over time, they become undesirable and even wanted. Either the person has grown out of the style of tattoo, perhaps as they have outgrown that phase of their life, they no longer wish to have a tattoo. Or, they may even wish to  have the name of an ex-partner removed.

Mr Kode is an expert at Tattoo Removal using a plastic surgery techniques. He has practiced these techniques on many patients with great success.

Generally speaking, tattoos which are applied at a Tattoo parlour can be difficult to remove because they are typically dark in colour, deep in penetration and made of a complex set of inks. The older the tattoo, the easier it is to remove as the tattoo ages, the body absorbs the ink and becomes less concentrated and colourful. Before one decides to have a tattoo applied, one should think clearly through the implications of long lasting pictures which are difficult to remove, on one’s body.

Once you have made the decision to remove a tattoo, there are various methods of Tattoo Removal to consider including Laser Tattoo Removal or Tattoo Excision amongst others.

Tattoo Excision involves the surgical removal by Mr Kode of the tattoo including the skin on which it was applied.

In the cases of small tattoos, the skin is removed and the area is stitched up. If the tattoo covers a larger area, Mr Kode may take skin from another part of the body and place it over the area where the tattoo is situated.  In this instance, one may experience slight scarring over the targeted area, instead of the tattoo.

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