Cleft Lip and Cleft Palates are among the most common of birth defects.

A Cleft Lip is the incomplete formation of the upper lip. A Cleft Palate is the incomplete formation of the roof of the mouth. Both of these conditions occur during the first few months of foetal development and can occur individually or together.

Mr Kode performs surgery to repair both of these conditions, to try to restore your child’s normal appearance and function – in particular, feeding and speech.

Surgery to repair a Cleft Lip is usually performed at 3 months, as long as your child is otherwise healthy. During the procedure, Mr Kode closes the separation in the lip and the resulting scar is generally within the normal contours of the upper lip and nose.

Cleft Palate repair is usually performed between 9 and 12 month of age. The procedure requires careful repositioning of tissue and muscles to close the cleft and rebuild the roof of the mouth. As the palate also forms the nasal cavity floor, Mr Kode must make allowances for your child’s normal growth, function and speech development, growth of the teeth and jaw alignment, as well as how the palate relates to the ear canal and hearing. While initial repair of a cleft is a one-off procedure, further treatment and surgery is often required as your child develops through adolescence and sometimes into adulthood.

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