Otoplasty (Protruding Ear Sugery)                                                       

Protruding, mis-shapen or overly large ears can cause distress in children, leaving them open to ridicule from others, so you may consider ear surgery, or Otoplasty, for your child. Mr Kode performs Otoplasty on children as young as five all the way up to adults, with excellent results.

Mr Kode makes small incisions at the back of the ear, then reshapes or removes the cartilage, thereby positioning the ears closer to the head. Scars are usually concealed by hair and will eventually become inconspicuous. Correction of other ear abnormalities may involve incisions on the front of the ear and these are made within the ear folds in order to hide them.

The Otoplasty procedure takes around one to two hours and is usually performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic for adults, while children may require general anaesthesia. A head bandage is worn for at least three days after surgery and following this, a headband-type dressing may be required for up to three weeks as the wounds heal.

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